Roboracer, Schaeffler, LiRichFCC, Sparky Automotive.

Roboracer unveiled: The first iteration of the announced Roborace race car is here. Ten teams will vie to create the best racing AI for the driverless car, competing alongside the FIA Formula E Championship. As futuristic as the design may be, the self-driving racers will hit the track at speeds of up to 300 kph already next season.,

Bio-hybrid pedelec: Schaeffler has introduced an electric pedelec, a four-wheeled vehicle that will supply energy only when the rider is pedalling. The self-named “bio-hybrid” includes a roof, is suitable for bicycle paths, and can be linked with a number of apps. The all-electric alternative was unveiled at the Auto Motor Und Sport Conference this year.

EU seeks new materials: As part of the Research Framework Programme “Horizon 2020,” the EU selected to fund LiRichFCC, which set out find new cathode materials for Li-ion batteries to allow for higher energy density and more capacity., (in German)

Riderless bike: UK based start-up Sparky Automotive wants to build a riderless electric bike that could be used for deliveries in congested areas. The bikes use gyroscope technology to stay upright, while control is also provided via cameras mounted on the handlebars, and a “virtual rider” operating the servos. According to the company, the system is much better suited for making deliveries than drones.

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Most clicked link on Thursday was the news that the Netherlands plan to sell only electric cars from 2025.


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