Oak Ridge Laboratory, Qualcomm, Nano One, evinci Mobility.

Inductive-Fast-Charging-ORNLInductive fast-charging: The Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory achieved 90 percent efficiency with its newly developed 20 kW wireless charging system. Researchers used a Toyota RAV4 as demonstration vehicle and are now en route to inductive charging at 50 kW.
greencarcongress.com, youtube.com

Inductive partners: Qualcomm grants Ricardo the license to develop, make and supply wireless charging systems for carmakers. Qualcomm subsidiaries will support the effort with technical know-how and engineering. The system provides for charging with 3.3 kW, 6.6 kW or 20 kW.

Nano One cobalt-free batteries: Nano One says it developed high-voltage cobalt-free lithium ion battery cathode material. In tests, the material called spinel exhibits high stability and up to 50 per cent more energy at high rates of discharge while being more cost efficient. Nano One is about to set up a pilot scale plant.

Remote servicing: German evinci Mobility is developing a remote maintenance system for light electric vehicles, which will work via smartphone and cloud. The company that is backed by LSP Innovative Automotive Systems received about a quarter of a million euros from the Bavarian government.
pedelec-elektro-fahrrad.de (in German)


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