Ulrich Grillo, Oliver Greiner, Adam Jonas.

Ulrich-Grillo“Above all, Germany needs to build a sensible recharging network and work harder to change public fleets of cars over to electric vehicles.”

Ulrich Grillo, president of BDI (German federal industry association) is asking the government to offer a comprehensive e-mobility package that goes beyond incentives. Instead it should include charging infrastructure and the electrification of official fleets.

Oliver-Greiner“For far too long, carmakers saw the nucleus of electric mobility in the urban environment and designed their vehicles accordingly. This was a strategic mistake, not only in terms of design, vehicle size and driving pleasure but also in terms of range.”

Dr. Oliver Greiner, partner at Horváth & Partners, talks about the average range of electric vehicles. The management consultancy expects range to increase from 240 to 400 km by 2020, which in turn would widen the scope of target customers.

Adam-Jonas“We have said for some time that, despite its many worthy accomplishments, Tesla had not yet truly disrupted the auto industry. We are now getting a feeling that this may be starting to change.”

Adam Jonas of Morgan Stanley speaks for many analysts, as he believes that with the Model 3, Tesla might finally become the disruptor it always wanted to be.


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