Ian Callum, Carlos Ghosn, Aaron Gold.

Ian-Callum“My personal view is that electric cars are a new start. Car design will change more in the next 15 years than it has in the past 100 – electrification will kickstart the biggest change in automotive design in history.”

Ian Callum, Jaguar’s head of design, sounds as if he is up for the challenge and even more so the chance that electrification offers designers. The luxury carmaker is expected to show a first concept electric Jaguar next year.

Carlos-Ghosn“The fact that so many people are willing to pay a down payment to get this car which becomes available at the end of 2017 is a good sign. Finally, good competition for EVs is picking up.”

Renault-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn is taking the Tesla Model 3 craze as a good sign for the EV market as a whole and not so much as a threat for the best-selling Leaf that is sold the same price level (but with less range) already today.

anonym“Comparing Tesla and Chevy is like comparing Apple and Microsoft. Brand matters.”

Aaron Gold from AutoExpress.com adds another angle to the competitors’ discussion. Price and performance may be one thing, name and image another.


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