Moby, Parking Garages, Ekin Technology, Kansas State University.

Moby-PolimodelModular and therefore cheaper EVs is what the EU-funded project Moby has set out to achieve. The idea is that a series of modularly build electric vehicles use the same chassis, drivetrain and power supply. That way, pickups, vans and taxis could be produced for less than 10.000 euros. (with video), (project website)

Car stacking: A plan to vertically stack cars to eliminate wasted space in garages is awaiting green light in China. A mechanical system would transport cars to and from spaces, maximizing the number of parking spaces by packing up to 16 cars into a space where 2.5 vehicles would ordinarily fit. An app would help drivers locate, retrieve and even charge their car.

Smarter patrolling: Istanbul-based Ekin Technology has launched a smart patrol bike for speed enforcement and automatic number plate recognition. They have also created a solution that could be used on ordinary bikes.

Li-ion developments: Researchers at Kansas State University have developed a new high-performance Li-ion battery anode material. The self-standing material is made from combining silicon oxycarbide glass and graphene. The team hopes to explore production of lithium-ion battery fuel cells, and examine the use of 3D printing moving forward.


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