Steve Gooding, Rinaldo Rinolfi.

Steve-Gooding“Before being tempted to go down the scrappage route, ministers need to ask if the sums might be better spent elsewhere, for example in making sure that the infrastructure is in place to support plug-in electric vehicles.”

RAC Foundation director Steve Gooding suggests that simply getting rid of these old cars isn’t as good an idea as it sounds. The results would be minimal, unless the government was ready to implement massive changes.

Rinaldo-Rinolfi“The real world driving cycle will highly reduce the advantages of plug-in hybrids. I assume that, combined with their considerable added cost, will drastically reduce their appeal.”

Former Fiat executive and powertrain expert Rinaldo Rinolfi anticipates that emissions tests triggered by the VW scandal will expose plug-in hybrids to be much less efficient on the road than expected. He suspects this will be true for full hybrids, as well, though to a lesser extent.


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