Toyota, Youzu Interactive, Alta Green Motors, Skoda, Zero FX.

EV for Gen-Z: Toyota and Clemson University have teamed up to create the uBox, an electric car aimed at the upcoming generation of car buyers, Generation-Z. The EV includes an emission-free stationary energy source and a unique pultrusion technique to support a curved glass roof. Several parts can be personalised with 3D printing technology.

Betting on games: Chinese mobile game developer Youzu Interactive is partnering with an electric vehicle producer in anticipation of self-driving cars. By building relationships with producers now, they hope to guarantee the chance to create games, video and content that will be featured in future automobiles.

Brazilian electric: Alta Green Motors plans to develop electric vehicles in Brazil. What started as a project to create recharging stations turned into the new car, Liggo. The first prototype is expected by the end of 2016, and the dynamic chassis model can be adapted for other types of vehicles, and they have already designed a mini kart, as well as a vehicle for the physically handicapped.


Skoda SUV: Skoda’s new SUV was revealed in Prague, with the official unveiling still set for this fall at the Paris Motor Show. The car, likely dubbed Kodiaq, will also be available as a plug-in hybrid, though it will not be part of the launch range.

Toyota tyres: Yokohama tyres will be official equipment for the upcoming Toyota Prius. The BluEarth E70 will appear in Europe, Japan and Oceania, and the BluEarth S34 all-season tyres in North America. Other regions will feature the Aspec A349. Several other brands have also received approval to provide original equipment, including Sumitomo Rubber in Japan.

Off-roading: The Zero FX electric motorcycle is put to test off-road. The bike proved great for zipping around on main roads and going briefly off-road, though it differed greatly in feel from the traditional bike. It was also incredibly quiet compared to traditional motorcycles.


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