Apr 26, 2016 - 08:26 am

BAIC, Audi, Solar Impulse 2, e-fishing.

Electric Arcfox: BAIC unveiled their new electric Arcfox-7 supercar. Powered by a 603bhp electric motor and 6.6kWh battery pack, the car can reportedly run for 185 miles on one charge. The new line also includes the Arcfox-1, an ultra-small, particularly unique urban EV convertible SUV.
autocar.co.uk, topgear.com

Mobility mix: Audi has introduced a new connected mobile concept car based on the Audi Q3. A one-metre-long electric longboard is integrated into the rear bumper and charges automatically while in the car. It has a range of over 12 km and can reach up to 30 kph Moreover, the car’s navigation system is linked to the driver’s calendar and calculates the best mix of driving an boarding to reach the destination.

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Impulse 2 on mainland: The Solar Impulse 2, which left Hawaii last week, has safely landed in California and they brought plenty of pictures and insights. it took 56 hours of continues flight to reach the San Francisco area. The all-electric plane is powered by 17,248 solar cells and four Li-ion batteries.
insidedevs.com (with video)

E-fishing: The world’s first electric fishing boat, the Karoline, has made its home in Tromsø, Norway. The boat was developed by Selfa Arctic AS and the propulsion system by Siemens. The vessel is also equipped with a diesel engine and electric generator – just in case. if all of Norway’s fishing fleet were fitted with electric motors, fuel consumption could be reduced 80 percent.


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