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1bn euro discount scheme: After months of negotiations and lobbying, Germany has decided to introduce monetary EV incentives. The scheme is worth 1.2bn euros, which are to be footed equally between the government and automakers. Buyers of electric cars receive a 4,000 euro discount, plug-in hybrids qualify for 3,000 euros. The programme might start this May already.
reuters.com, bloomberg.com

Nissan increases German incentive: The Japanese carmaker is the first foreign manufacturer to join Germany’s EV incentive programme. Nissan says it will add another 1,000 euros to the 4,000 euro rebate, thus increasing incentives to 5,000 euros. The Leaf will then be available from 18,365 euros.
fuhrpark.de, nissan-europe.com (in German)

Electric acceleration: VW is to speed up and expand its electric range, as the manufacturer has three purely electric models lined up. The new EVs will be on price par with comparable diesel models and the line-up includes a compact SUV to be launched by 2020, a Jetta-like sedan and a more roomy wagon.
auto-motor-und-sport.de (in German)

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e-mobil-BW-MobiliTec2016Baden-Württemberg Pavilion shows success factor e-mobility: During the Hannover Messe / MobiliTec the Baden-Württemberg Pavilion and its 43 exhibitors showcase the diversity of the e-mobility landscape in the southwest of Germany. With “Automated. Connected. Electrified.” as its guiding theme, the whole spectrum – from development and production to road tests of partially automated electric vehicles – will be covered. Visit us in hall 27.
www.e-mobilbw.de (PDF)

Model 3 battery mystery: As analysts try to work out how Tesla will be able to afford its affordable model, manager Jeff Evanson offers some insight. A 60 kWh powerpack for the Model S or X runs for 190 dollars/kWh. As the Model 3 will probably have less capacity, the price per power pack could decrease even more.
insideevs.com, electrek.co, streetinsider.com (analyst’s view)

Electric supercar debut: Chinese Qiantu Motors premiered its electric roadster K50 EV at the Auto China. A small series production is planned from the end of this year. Range is given at 300 km, while power is brought to the wheels via two electric motors. Pricing starts at 108,000 dollars, on par with Tesla.

Qoros goes all-electric: The Chinese carmaker presented two EV concepts, the Qoros 3 Q-Lectric and 5 Q-Lectric, in Beijing. The former is said to run 350 km on one charge with a top speed of 162 kph. The launch of the pre-production version is scheduled for this year, with serial production to start by 2017.
autoevolution.com, automnews.com



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