Jon McNeill, Peter Schmidt, Jason Belton.

anonym“We’ve doubled production capacity each of the last several years and we will continue doubling – and one of the focus points for the entire company is making sure that we are ready to deliver Model 3 on time.”

These are the reassuring words of Tesla President of Global Sales Jon McNeill, who also hinted at the possibility of setting up an additional production facility in China.

Peter-Schmidt“If manufacturers like BMW and Mercedes don’t sell sufficient electric cars or plug-in hybrids they stand next to no chance of meeting the 2021 fleet average rules. If they don’t meet it, the fines from Brussels will be astronomical.”

Peter Schmidt, editor of Automotive Industry Data, stresses that the decision for electrification is not deliberate or purely strategic any longer, but simply a matter of survival. The German EV subsidy comes thus just in time.

anonym“I would definitely prefer an electric vehicle over a gas powered vehicle, because we remove the fire hazard with the gasoline itself.”

Jason Belton, firefighter with the Reno Fire Department finds electric and hybrid cars increasingly less of a hazard. Just do not cut the orange cable, ever.


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