May 10, 2016 - 09:04 am

GeoOrbital, Hyperloop, project FEVER, Loop Energy.

Spinning round: The GeoOrbital turns any bicycle into an e-bike by replacing the front wheel. The 500 W in-wheel drive consists of three smaller wheels fixed on arms serving as spokes. Hugging the rim, they drive the wheel forward at the push of a throttle. A crowdfunding campaign raised more than half a million dollars. First kits will be available for 950 dollars this November.,,

Hyperloop-NewHovering Hyperloop: Start-ups working on Elon Musk’s vision for high speed public transport say they licensed a technology hardly requiring any electricity. The so-called “passive magnetic levitation” levitates by matching unpowered loops of wire in the track with magnets in the train pod.,

Mild fever: Controlled Power Technologies, Ricardo, Provector, and Tata Motors’ European Technical Centre have developed a 48-Volt mild hybrid system. The so-called project FEVER (Forty-Eight Volt Electrified Rear-axle) is aimed at compact cars. Innovate UK funds the consortium with 1.8m GBP.,

Hydrogen heavy-duty trucks: Loop Energy agreed to collaborate with Hunan CRRC Times Electric Vehicle to develop zero emission power trains for large trucks and the like. The first system will be a combination of CRRC’s electric drives and Loop Energy’s fuel cell technology called eFlow.,


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