May 17, 2016 - 09:29 am

GAC, Nissan Arc, Semcon, Wolfspeed.

GAC plans big: The Chinese GAC manufacturer announced that it will introduce both purely electric and plug-in hybrid models this year, followed by another seven models in the future. A clear timeline was not given, but GAC says that it wants to sell 200,000 alternative drivetrain vehicles by 2020.

Better batteries: Together with Japanese research institutions, Nissan Arc has developed a new atomic analysis methodology of amorphous silicon monoxide. The compound is often seen as a key to create the next generation of Li-ion batteries, as it does not deteriorate during charging cycles.

Electrified bicycle: Semcon presents its the new light and compact bike motor that turns any bike into an e-bike. The retrofit kit boasts 150 kW and weighs just about one kilo, providing enough power for about 5 km. Moreover, the extra boost is said to cost riders less than 100 euros., (in German)

Powered up: The new all-SiC commercial power module from Wolfspeed is designed to offer high efficiency and power density for EV components such as converters and inverters. Efficiency is said to reach 98 percent, allowing the module to be 67% smaller and offer 10 times more power density than systems with conventional silicon IGBT modules.


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