BMZ, Proterra, TransX, Electrovaya.

German battery factory: BMZ inaugurated two new buildings in German Karlstein-Großwelzheim. The production and logistic facilities are just one step of becoming Europe’s biggest battery maker. CEO Sven Bauer aims to make “up to 800m Li-ion batteries in different sizes with a total storage volume of around 40 GWh per year” by 2020. He stresses the importance of pedelec batteries for BMZ. Furthermore, the 20-year-old company is working on a super cell with a prototype set to debut this year., (super cell, in German)

Stronger bus battery: Proterra presents a new battery design for its Catalyst XR. The transit bus now holds 330 kWh, 28 percent more than the previous power pack but stays within the same volumetric footprint. The upgrade to the higher energy level is free of charge for existing customers.,

Mini mid-motor: Taiwanese TransX of JD Group enters the speed pedelec segment. A new central motor delivers 400 W to accelerate electric bicycles to up to 45 kph. Being round and small, the M25GTS integrates neatly into the frame. Winora utilises the system for its Radar model.

Sensible battery modules: Electrovaya introduced a 1kWh battery module as well as an 48V, 2.3 kWh version as building blocks for Li-ion batteries. The Litacore1000 has voltage and temperature sensors. Integrated in the 48 V EV4823 is an intelligent battery management system including CANbus.


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