The Queen of England, Peter Mertens, Shiro Nakamura.

Queen-Elizabeth“My ministers will ensure the United Kingdom is at the forefront of technology for new forms of transport, including autonomous and electric vehicles.”

The Queen of England spoke at the House of Lords in London, saying that she wants the country to focus on the new transportation technologies. She referred the Modern Transport Bill, said to bring about new legislation for self-driving cars.

Peter-Mertens“They don’t have to be ugly. PHEV or EV is a normal vehicle built in the same plants. There’s no need to shout ‘I’m different’ – you just choose your powertrain.”

Peter Mertens, senior VP of research and development at Volvo, says there is no reason for an electric car to be identified as such from the far. The carmaker’s new Compact Modular Architecture allows engineers to just switch drivetrain parts in the same model.

Shiro-Nakamura“Electrification is almost inevitable for any car. If the next-generation GT-R has some electrification, nobody would be surprised at that time.”

Nissan’s chief creative officer Shiro Nakamura says that the focus for the next generation of the GT-R is fuel efficiency. Depending on the new drivetrain, the design of the car could also change significantly.


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