Peter Mertens, CAR Institute, Lee Hutchinson.

Peter-Mertens“The 40.1 concept is very close to what the car will look like in reality. We’re going to launch it next year so we do not have much time to reinvent the wheel.”

Peter Mertens, senior VP of Research & Development at Volvo on the upcoming VolvoXC40, which will also be offered as PHEV. It is one of the Swedes smaller cars and destined for India as well.

anonym“For the first time, the acceptance of diesel cars in Germany, birthplace of the diesel car, has dropped over an extended period.”

Says the latest study of German CAR Institute of the Duisburg-Essen University, which looks at the aftermath of Volkswagen’s diesel gate that reflects on the whole industry.

Lee-Hutchinson“If there’s one thing I don’t necessarily like about it, it’s the braking. It tends to brake a little late. Not dangerously late, but maybe a little later than I would if it were my feet.”

This is Ars Technica’s Lee Hutchinson after testing the Tesla Autopilot. He deems the feature a success overall but one that one has to learn to trust first, it appears. via


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