Promove, Maxun One, commuter jacket, Mentor Graphics.

Primove to go to China: The city of Qingdao and Bombardier have signed a letter of intent to introduce electric buses and Primove wireless charging technology in the Sino-German Ecopark. If realised, it would be the first 200 kW inductive charging system worldwide. (in German)

Maxun-One-pedelecSolar-powered e-bike: The Maxun One pedelec promises to never to be charged again as it gets its energy via two solar panels while on the go. Those are attached horizontally to the saddle and the handlebar however, thus rendering the concept rather cumbersome. But it is fast.,

Commuter wearable: Tap, touch, and swipe while safely riding your (electric) bike is the idea behind the Jaquard commuter jacket. Developed by Levi’s and Google, the smart garment features a touch sensitive sleeve and an electronic button, which are both designed to connect to the smartphone without actually having to get it out while riding. The wearable is expected in stores in 2017.,

Automated lifetime estimates: Mentor Graphics presents the MicReD Power Tester 600A, a device to provide lifetime estimates for power electronics of EV and hybrid powertrains. The tester can be coupled with computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation software.


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