Mike Brown, Byung Ki Ahn, RC Bhargava.

Mike-Brown“Every year thousands of Londoners die because of poor air quality and by supporting the freight sector – which is vital to our city – we will make a real impact. I am confident that LoCity can substantially improve London’s air quality and most importantly, help save lives.”

London Transport Commissioner Mike Brown talks about the LoCity programme and improving London air quality. The industry-led programme recently took its first steps by publishing data to increase availability and uptake of low emission vehicles in the freight sector.

Byung-Ki-Ahn“Toyota and BMW – one company has technology and the other money. They can probably make good partners. But is it really going well with the consortium of Nissan, Ford and Daimler?”

Director of eco-vehicle performance for Hyundai R&D, Byung Ki Ahn, says Hyundai will take on the cost of hydrogen fuel cell development alone. Though they have received offers of partnership from other manufacturers, the Korean company doesn’t believe it would actually help their development.

RC-Bhargava“We are certainly looking at more hybrids. I don’t think our decision is based on the VAT coming down on hybrid cars. Our decision is based on improving fuel efficiency, reducing emissions and weight.”

RC Bhargava, chairman of Maruti Suzuki India, describes the company’s plan to introduce hybrid options to existing models in an interview with AutoCar Professional.


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