May 30, 2016 - 07:55 am

Jeff Dahn, Shad Balch.

Jeff-Dahn“We’re open to anything that makes sense.”

Jeff Dahn, a leading battery researcher and teacher at Dalhousie University, has taken an exclusive contract with Tesla and was asked to do whatever it takes to improve battery performance. With many wondering if Tesla can realistically reach their targets, Dahn’s contract may signal that Musk is open to other methodologies.

Shad-Balch“It helps. It helps the whole industry. Every story about the Model 3 includes a mention of the Bolt EV and our target date is ahead of theirs. We’re on track.”

Shad Balch, New Product and Public Policy Communications at General Motors, talks about the upcoming Chevy Bolt, undaunted by the Tesla Model 3. While the Model 3 has been getting ample press, Balch says it has channelled more interest in the Bolt, which will be on the roads before the Model 3.


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