Road assistance, London, Stoke-on-Trent, North Carolina.

Roadside assistance by e-bike: Cars that break down in San Francisco will be helped by an electric cargo bike service. Two of Yuba’s Spicy Curry pedelecs make up the AAA Northern California pilot programme that was launched after finding that 60% of service calls received in the Embarcadero area around the harbour do not require a tow truck.

PHEV sharing in Westminster: London’s central borough and Zipcar launched a fleet of 40 VW Golf GTE. Already 40 charging stations have been erected and the plug-in hybrids are available to all members. 10 additional PHEV are also available elsewhere in London.,

Tightening the zone: Hybrids emitting more than 75 g/km will be subject to the London congestion charge from June 25 as the so-called Sunset period that allowed for free entry comes to an end. Nissan UK takes this opportunity to promote its Leaf with a 500 GBP discount this month.,

Cleaner fleet: Stoke-on-Trent will invest 2.7m GBP in 138 new vehicles as it looks to replace old diesel vans with electric ones. The money also serves to install charging stations at council depots.

Cleaner paratransit: Winston-Salem in North Carolina took delivery of five hybrid buses. The low-floor shuttle buses by ARBOC Specialty Vehicles have been converted by XL Hybrids and now provide up to 20 percent greener transport to the physically challenged and other passengers alike.


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