Wilko Stark, Tony Seba, Rainer Baake.

Wilko-Andreas-Stark“Regarding the emissions legislation we have in the USA, Europe and also in China, all the OEMs have to go into electric cars to meet the CO2 regulations. It is imperative, it is a must.”

Wilko Stark, strategy chief at Mercedes-Benz, believes that Tesla will soon have to share the spot light, as other companies are rolling out their EV strategies. The manufacturer says it not only wants to trump the California EV maker, but stay ahead of the game compared to other OEMs.

Tony-Seba“You will soon be able to get Porsche performance for Buick prices and when you get that, neither Porsche nor Buick are able to compete.”

Stanford researcher and professor Tony Seba believes that by 2025, people will only by EVs because they will become cheaper than petrol cars and because the maintenance cost is so low.

Rainer-Baake“We don’t have any answers to cut truck emissions right now but we do have answers for cars.”

German deputy minister Rainer Baake says that all newly registered cars need to be emission free by 203 to reach pollution reduction goals. Germany wants to cut CO2 emissions by 80 to 90 percent by 2050.


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