Thomas Weber, Michael O'Brien.

thomas-weber“We are investing massively in electric mobility. We are convinced the market is now ready.”

Daimler head of development Thomas Weber seems to have recognized the signs of time and to want to put an end to the manufacturer’s inactivity in terms of electrification (you cannot currently buy the Smart ED and the B-series ED won’t sell), saying that Daimler is working on a “dedicated vehicle architecture for purely battery-electric vehicles.”

Michael-O-Brien-Hyundai“The advantage that we see with hydrogen is the ability to cover our entire model line without offering any significant vehicle compromise that can be measured.”

Michael O’Brien, Hyundai’s vice president of corporate and product planning, says the manufacturer is betting on fuel cell vehicles, because the technology does not “inconvenience” customers, meaning that they won’t need to change their habits. An argument that will sell cars.


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