Matthias Müller, Kouji Toyoshima, Stephen Latham.

Matthias-Mueller“The strategic options for participating in the potential revenue stream associated with this and developing battery technology into a new Group competency will be carefully examined.”

While VW CEO Matthias Müller did not go into detail about the carmaker’s plans to set up a battery factory, he did say that VW will develop “a new competency.”

Kouji-Toyoshima“Currently, a lot of electricity is still generated from fossil fuels. But this is shifting, and more and more carbon neutral electricity will be generated. That’s why we would like to use more electricity to power our cars.”

Kouji Toyoshima, Chief Engineer for Toyota’s hybrid Prius range, says the Japanese might change their outlook on battery-powered cars once energy get greener, adding that Toyota may “even produce bicycles” as part of their zero-emission strategy.

anonym“We are not aware if the promised grant has been revoked under the new government and to-date there has been no further mention in action towards implementing it.”

Stephen Latham, head of the National Motorcycle Dealers Association (NMDA), laments that promised subsidies for electric two-wheelers in the UK are still not available – even though it was announced “over a year ago.”


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