NASA, Riversimple, Canada, ZF.

NASA electric: NASA is testing the experimental electric plane -57, which is nicknamed Maxwell and features 14 electric motors. The plane’s technology could reduce flight times, fuel usage, operational costs and noise pollution.,

RiversimpleRasa road tests: Riversimple has received the green light for a 12-month trial of their Rasa on the roads of Monmouthsire, Wales, later this year. Twenty cars will be leased to sixty to eighty drivers in the area. Riversimple will be covering the costs of the cars during testing.,

Component costs reductions: The National Research Council of Canada, Hydro-Quebec subsidiary TM4, and Rio Tinto Metal Powders are researching how to cut costs of electric motor components. First results from the 4-year project are being showcased at the Electric Vehicle Symposium and Exhibition in Montreal.

8DT in production: ZF has officially started production of its eight-speed dual clutch transmission, the 8DT. The German supplier developed the 8DT alongside Porsche at their Brandenburg plant. It has been developed as a modular kit to support usage in hybrid vehicles.


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