Jun 21, 2016 - 03:26 pm

Video Interview: Wibo Elzinga, ICU Charging Equipment.


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What have the Netherlands done right when it comes to charging infrastructure? That’s what we asked Wibo Elzinga, Business Development Manager at ICU Charging Equipment, at the Hanover Trade Show. The small country has the second largest EV fleet per capita after Norway and more than 6,000 charge points. But that wasn’t always the case. According to Elzinga, one of the things that the Netherlands did right, is that it didn’t bother with the chicken-or-egg question and just began installing public chargers “even though there were no cars yet.” And it worked. There are some 90,000 plug-ins in the Netherlands by now; so many, that the country now has to install more chargers to meet demand. But the Dutch have some other advantages, Wibo Elzinga says. What those are and what other [European] countries can learn from the Netherlands, he explains in the interview.

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21.06.2016 15:11