Gigafactory, ABB, Inspired, Hy-Nets.

Final stretch for the Gigafactory: Due to the high demand for the Model 3, Panasonic wants to step things up a notch. There will be a job fair tomorrow to fill open positions at the Tesla battery plant and the promised 1.6bn dollar investment will flow quicker than originally planned. Cell production is said to begin in November.,

ABB technology for e-ferries: The huge vessels Tycho Brahe and Aurora that will soon operate between Helsingør (Denmark) and Helsingborg (Sweden) will be fitted with a 4,160 kWh battery pack. The electric drivetrains and charging stations on both ends of the route will also be provided by ABB.,

FCV inspired: The three-year, EU-funded project Inspire is working on the validation of the next generation of fuel cell stacks to be used in vehicles. BMW is also on board. The Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU) is funding the project with 7m euros.,

Efficient hybrids due to connectivity: The research project Hy-Nets has kicked off. Partners dSpace, Denso, RWTH Aachen and the University of Paderborn want to make hybrids more efficient by allowing the cars to connect to information from other vehicles and infrastructure (V2X), and therefore drive more proactively., (articles in German)


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