Gigafactory, Nissan REx, WiTricity, 24 Technologies.

Gigafactory to start cell production: Tesla plans to complete the installation of battery cell manufacturing equipment by July 20, so production could start as soon as the Gigafactory opens at the end of July. Furthermore, a fifth section is in the making in Nevada and valued at 63m dollars. Rumours that Tesla is building a similar factory in China however, have now been denied by Elon Musk. (Gigafcatory), (China)

Nissan REx by 2017: The Japanese firm readies its range extender technology to debut in a new PHEV for Japan next March. First presented in the Gripz concept last year, the e-Power generates 80 kW. It is unclear if the REx will become available outside Nippon and it is also unlikely to feature in the Leaf.

25 kW inductively: WiTricity is scaling up ever higher without wire as the company introduces an 11 kW wireless charging system with the ability to scale to 25 kW and more. A 7.7 kW version that was developed with Nissan has been tested and validated. Efficiency is given at up to 94 percent.

Scaling up as well is 24M Technologies that has been awarded 7m dollars by the U.S. Advanced Battery Consortium and the DoE to come up with a manufacturing process for its novel cell design. The A123 spin-off has 36 months to show how to scale its prismatic Li-ion cells to mass production.


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