Richard Kim, Wang Chuanfu, Rubert Pontin.

Richard-Kim“The point is clear: We have to clean up the environment, and electric power trains and battery technology are the best path forward. But along with that, we want to make sustainable driving exciting and sexy, and we plan to do that better than anyone else.”

Faraday Future’s head of global design Richard Kim lays out the company’s view on its unique selling point. Sex sells sustainably nowadays, it seems.

Wang-Chuanfu“I see no reason why demand is not growing. With the falling price of electric cars and charging infrastructure in place, there will be more buyers choosing the green path.”

This is BYD CEO Wang Chuanfu’s reasoning behind the firm’s plan to sell 1m EV by 2020 (also see our news section above). He believes that growth will further accelerate now that the “turning point” of a +1% EV marketshare has been reached.

Rupert-Pontin“Effectively, we need chargers to become as much an everyday sight as a petrol station. They have to become an accepted part of everyday life and for people to see them in use regularly.”

Rupert Pontin, director of valuations at Glass’s, a car market analyst firm, strongly believes that range anxiety is and will remain an issue standing in the way of widespread EV adoption.


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