Gina McCarthey, Liu Jiren, James Barclay.

Gina-McCarthy“Using the power of the Clean Air Act, we’re getting VW’s polluting vehicles off the road and we’re reducing harmful pollution in our air — pollution that never should have been emitted in the first place.”

Gina McCarthy, administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), welcomed the settlement of Dieselgate for which Volkswagen reportedly has to pay almost 15bn dollars.

Liu-Jiren“If we combine our strengths well, it could become a win-win both for Korean companies and Neusoft. I think the EV battery business has full potential as our next growth engine.”

Liu Jiren, who leads Neusoft, one of China’s biggest IT corporations, considers the market for batteries as the next big thing and seeks to cooperate with the likes of Samsung and LG Chem. Nothing is certain as of yet.

James-Barclay“Over the next five years, the rate of technological development in this area will be more than it has been in the last two decades.”

Jaguar’s Formula E team director James Barclay believes the positioning of electric drives in the arena of performance will ultimately drive innovation and sales.


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