Stefano Aversa, Kent Falck, Steve Tomlinson.

Stefano-Aversa“Electrification has to come to Europe to meet tougher emission standards and the diesel is going to pay the highest toll. This will cause huge challenges for automakers and suppliers because they will need to change their powertrain manufacturing infrastructure.”

AlixPartners Vice Chairman Stefano Aversa refers to a study that puts Diesel marketshare in Europe at just 9 percent by 2030. The decrease comes with growth in electric motor manufacturing as the study projects 40 plants by 2022, up from 26 today.

Kent-Falck“We sat in a room and reviewed all the facts, figures, whatever we have, with the specialists. But we can’t manage it, how are the others doing it? We don’t know.”

Kent Falck, a vehicle line executive at Volvo and his team became suspicious of Volkswagen’s TDI turbodiesel engine about seven years ago. Given they had the same suppliers like Bosch, they knew “this technology doesn’t exist,” Falck admits.

Steve-Tomlinson“Once we have these efficient engines then we can look at hybrid systems, but with a lower level of electrification to ensure we retain the fun-to-drive elements of ICE.”

Steve Tomlinson, Head of Fleet at Mazda Motors UK, defends the decision to work on making ICE more efficient – first. In Japan, Mazda already sells a hybrid but Tomlinson negated any plan to import it any time soon.


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