Bolloré, California, PSA Singapore, Kiessling Transit, Avista.

Bolloré to enter Asia: The French EV sharing provider has won the bid for the electric carsharing project in Singapore. The scheme will go live by 2020 and feature a fleet of 1,000 electric vehicles. The first 125 EVs to share will be on the road next year via Bolloré’s subsidiary BlueSG, which will install 2,000 charging stations around the city state. For the French firm, it is the first venture in Asia, after similar schemes are already running in Paris, London, or Indianapolis.

Pay-by-Mile in California: With EV owners in California not paying taxes on gas, the state is testing a pay-by-mile scheme to generate funds for road repairs. The pilot programme will see 5,000 participants in various locations testing different payment methods over a nine month period.

Driverless electric AGV: Port operator PSA Singapore has ordered 22 Automated Guided Vehicles for its terminals, which will join 8 existing hybrids. The electric vehicles, that transport containers without human drivers, come from France, Japan and Finland and are expected to arrive around mid 2017.

Hydraulik hybrid buses: Massachusetts-based Kiessling Transit has ordered another 32 hydraulic hybrid buses from Lightning Hybrids with their Energy Recovery System (ERS) system to be installed in Ford E-450 passenger buses. Kiessling Transit will thus almost double its hybrid bus fleet to 67.,

265 Avista stations: Washington-based utility company Avista has requested state approval to build 265 new stations over the next two years. The project will cost about 3.1m dollars. Exact locations have not yet been chosen.


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