Shannon Baker-Branstetter, Seth Cutler, Ahn Byung-ki.

Shannon-Baker-Branstetter“We’re already seeing automakers beating today’s standards, which only underscores the potential for future progress in this space.”

Shannon Baker-Branstetter, Energy Policy Counsel for Consumers Union, comments on the EPA Technical Draft Assessment (TAR) report. It outlines how automakers are meeting federal fuel economy mandates so far., TAR Report

anonym“As adoption rates of electric vehicles continue to increase and infrastructure is deployed, chargers will represent a larger portion of a commercial property’s energy spend. In today’s environment, this has been less of a concern but our platform has been designed with the future in mind. We have architected our EV infrastructure platform to allow for load control through our cloud services. Commercial property owners also have the ability to recoup their costs through point of sale solutions at the charging station.”

Seth Cutler, General Manager of EV Infrastructure for GE’s subsidiary Current. The firm’s EV infrastructure platform already is able to account for charging and to manage energy loads for commercial customers.

Byung-Ki-Ahn“Electrical vehicles are changing real fast. From a conventional perspective, two years or maybe a year-and-a-half is not really a long time. But in the EV business, it is a pretty long time. We have to be ready for the new generation every two years.”

Ahn Byung-ki, director of eco-vehicle development at Hyundai, believes development circles of EVs to be shorter. Essentially one has to bring a new model every two years. via


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