August Achleitner, Elon Musk.

August-Achleitner“Right now it wouldn’t make sense in our opinion to offer an electric 911, or hybrid version, because there are so many disadvantages of such a concept within this narrow layout of a 911.”

According to August Achleitner, head of Porsche’s 911 and 718 sports cars, a purely electric or even hybrid 911 is not currently on the table. But, as the automotive world changes, so could customer demand, which the German company is keeping a close eye on.

Elon-Musk-Twitter“The easy decision would be to, or easier, I suppose, from the standpoint of minimizing attacks and criticism, would be to delay it and try to wait for some point where it’s theoretically better. But if you wait for any point past the point that it’s better than the cars that exist, you’re making a decision to kill people with statistics.”

Tesla CEO Elon Musk explains why he has no intention of removing the Autopilot from his EVs, despite critics saying Musk is using customers as “guinea pigs” and is “sending the wrong message” by calling it Autopilot.


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