Jul 27, 2016 - 08:07 am

Tesla Allterrain, Henney Kilowatt.

Click tip I: Elon Musk announced a few new electric cars in his “Masterplan, Part Deux.” Designer Jason McGinnity already spent some time pondering what a Tesla pickup truck could look like. His project name: Tesla Allterrain.
jasonmcginnity.com via electrek.co

Click tip II: The Transport Evolved team is excited, after finding a rare EV from 1960 for sale – a Henney Kilowatt. There are less than 50 units known to have been built. Even though this specimen is not working, we can see why anyone would fall in love with the small red, vintage EV.
hemmings.com via transportevolved.com


Found on electrive.com
27.07.2016 08:05