Elektro Power II, Silex Power, Edorado Marine, The Delta.

Kick-off for “Elektro Power II”: The three-year programme in Germany is said to be a central building block for a more modern power market design. The goal is to promote electric mobility, help further develop inductive charging systems and tackle legal questions about i.e. safety, data privacy, etc. A total of 25m euros has been earmarked for 13 individual research undertakings.
elektroniknet.de, presseportal.de (articles in German)

Silex-Valene-Black-MambaElectric three-wheeled supercar: Company Silex Power wants to introduce its Valene Black Mamba next year, where buyers can choose drivetrains from 80 to a whopping 600 kW and battery packs from 15 to 50 kWh. Pricing is said to start at 35,000 euros.

Hovering speed boat: Edorado Marine is also eyeing sports-mad clients with a love for electric mobility. But this time on the water. Thanks to underwater hydrofoils, the Edorado 7S starts hovering at a certain speed, minimising the amount of energy needed to reach the top speed of 40 knots. Pre-orders can already be placed.

Perfecting lightweight air travel: Students at the National University of Singapore have developed an electric paraglider trike, called The Delta. The prototype is fitted with two electric motors and can reach 36 kph under the right wind conditions. The battery lasts for ten minutes of flying time.
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