Aug 8, 2016 - 08:04 am

Wash & Charge, ICU, Yorkshire, Leicester City, Massachusetts.

Wash & Charge: Tesla is about to enter into a partnership with Eco Green Auto Clean, which uses less than a cup of water to clean a car. EV drivers could then have their car polished while supercharging. The service is already tested at the Fremont facility. If rolled out, it would be subscription based.

Charge sharing commercialised: Private charging stations could soon be made available to the paying public. A new software by The Mobility House,, and ICU enables owners to charge other EV drivers per charge. Currently, the service only works for ICU stations in Germany and Austria. (in German)

CSI comes electrically: Crime scene investigators in West Yorkshire started a one year trial of two Peugeot Partner EV. The electric vans have been converted to fit the force. Peugeot has provided both the electric vans as well as charging facilities for free.

Playing the premier league: Leicester City players were presented with 19 BMW i8 as a premium for becoming the British masters. The move is surprising – pleasantly, probably – as initially the price was a Mercedes B class ED for each footballer. An upgrade in glamour but downgrade for the environment.,

Zooming around town: Middleboro in Massachusetts will lease four Chevy Volt. Another three electric cars may follow in the future but the council hopes for prices to fall further first.


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