Roland Krüger, Robert Itschner, Mate Rimac.

Roland-Krueger“While we recognise the automotive industry can make an important contribution to tackling these challenges, the scale of [NEVs] adoption will require us to work together on a broad front of industries with the public sector. It will require collaboration on common standards and to mitigate the huge investments. We need cooperation with experts outside our industry such as battery experts.”

Infiniti president, Roland Krüger, is calling on government and partners to ensure standards as well as infrastructure and technology come together hand in hand to boost EV adoption.

Robert-Itschner“It’s almost a philosophical question, where do you start and what is the standard? If you look at the work of standardization bodies, they come in once some technology is available.”

Robert Itschner, MD of Business Unit Power Conversion at ABB Switzerland, on the question of standardisation and at which point in time how much is appropriate. He finds it technology driven rather than in the interest of consumers primarily.

Mate-Rimac“Being a family sedan with lots of space and in a completely different price category, this comparison isn’t really fair. But in terms of performance, the Tesla it is the closes thing to the Concept_One in the electric car world. It is an impressive car and performs very well at low speeds. On a full ¼ mile, the difference between the Tesla and the Concept_One is quite large.”

Rimac CEO Mate Rimac commented on a drag race between a Tesla Model S P90D, Rimac Concept_One and LaFerrari and admitted that it is not really a fair competition. The show case was organised by race driver Archie Hamilton.


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