JB Straubel, Yoo Ji-sang.

Jeffrey-B-Straubel“If we want to actually send energy back from the car to the electricity grid, this gets much more complex, and that’s something that I don’t see being a very economic or viable solution — perhaps ever, but certainly not in the near term.”

Tesla CTO JB Straubel is surprisingly critical of vehicle-to-grid technology. He is also not a fan of using old car batteries for stationary energy storage projects.

Apple-Logo-100x125px“There have been some efforts to produce such batteries from foreign firms, which includes the US firm Johnson Controls, but all of them failed to mass produce.”

Yoo Ji-sang from Korea Electronics Technology Institute’s Advanced Batteries Research Center believes that hollow batteries, which Apple is supposedly developing for its EV, won’t be ready for serial production for at least another ten years.



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