Brian Maas, Charlie Anderson, Mike Fox.

Brian-Maas“There is a direct correlation in the price of gasoline and the interest of consumers in hybrids.”

Brian Maas, head of the California New Car Dealers Association, comments on how low prices for gasoline in the U.S. hit hybrid sales like those of the Toyota Prius. In Japan however, no such correlation can be found.

Charlie-Anderson“Our outcome is that they become as large as BMW is today by 2025 in terms of vehicle volumes.”

Charlie Anderson, Wall Street Analyst at Dougherty & Company, proves a true Tesla believer. The agency raised its price target to 500 dollars once the Model 3 reservations came in so high above expectations.

anonym“If Tesla can deliver on its current promises with the Model 3, gas vehicles are history — it’s horse and buggy days.”

Mike Fox, executive director of Gasoline & Automotive Services Dealers of America, believes his industry’s days are numbered.


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