Sep 14, 2016 - 09:13 am

Satoshi Ogiso, Elizbieta Biénkowska, Sadiq Khan.

Satoshi-Ogiso“Up to 250km (155 mile) range, battery-electric vehicles already can be built for less money than hybrids.”

Satoshi Ogiso, who has worked on the Toyota Prius and fuel cell development programme, says that an EV with more range than 300 km, however, will come with a high price tag – at least until 2025.

Elzbieta-Bienkowska“We should rather shift this money to electric cars, to zero emission cars. This should also be a reflection from the scandal.”

Europe’s Industry Commissioner Elżbieta Bieńkowska warns governments and industries to invest more time and money in electrification or risk falling behind the rest of the world.

Sadiq-Khan“I will say ‘if you can design buses that are electric, hydrogen, or hybrid…we are the biggest purchasers around.'”

London Mayor Sadiq Khan wants to clean up London’s streets by shifting to zero emission drivetrains for buses and taxis. Moreover, he is looking to hold a conference for bus manufactures to push innovation in the right direction.

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