Michael Brecht, Håkan Samuelsson, Jim Cramer.

Michael-Brecht“The number of staff you need to build a combustion engine is roughly tenfold compared to the number of staff for an electric engine.”

Daimler’s works council chief Michael Brecht is calling for participation of production sites in Mercedes’ planned push for electrification. To avoid job loss, Daimler should manufacture more EV components itself.

Hakan-Samuelsson“I think Tesla have done it right. I must give them credit – they have made a car with emotional values also.”

Volvo boss Håkan Samuelsson admits that Tesla understood that a car must be more than just a vehicle to get from A to B. For the Sino-Swedes, he can imagine to make a similar proposition with a fully electric car in the premium segment.

Jim-Cramer“My problem with GM is that it’s not cool. It’s not. Tesla is cool, and that’s a very hard to factor in.”

Finance analyst Jim Cramer, too thinks that a Tesla holds a bigger promise and thus places the Model 3 ahead of GM’s Chevy Bolt EV in the run for mass market.


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