South Korea, NanoXplore, Alstom, Ilika.

40m dollars for better batteries: Korea’s government and industry will invest a total of 43bn won (38.4m dollars) to double the energy density of EV batteries to 300 Wh/kg by 2020. If the 230 reseachers on the project are successful, 400 km on one charge would be well within range.

3.3m dollars for lighter e-motors: NanoXplore from Canada receives 3.3m dollars in funding from the government to commercialise lighter and more efficient components for electric motors. Graphen utilised instead of metal shall do the trick.

Hydrogen train: Alstom presents the first serial fuel cell passenger train. The Coradia iLint has a range of 800 km. Li-ion batteries recover energy from braking, while Alstom offers H2 infrastructure with partners. The train will first hit the rails in Lower Saxony, Germany.

Ilika is to work with Johnson Matthey to develop protected anodes for lithium sulfur batteries. The three year project is led by Johnson Matthey and funded by Innovate UK and the EPSRC. 365,133 GBP (475,000 dollars) of the grant will be allocated to Ilika.


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