Sep 23, 2016 - 07:58 am

Markus Kreisel, Uwe Michael, Isbrand Ho.

Markus-Kreisel“We don’t have the same rules as the big OEMs, so we can do in four months what it takes them two years to do.”

Markus Kreisel, head of sales at Kreisel Electric and one of the three founding brothers, here describes their business advantage. He is confident to have all financing they need to set up shop, all they need is time to start producing on a large scale.

Uwe-Michael“The electric motor enables completely new concepts and opportunities not merely to satisfy customers, but to enthuse them.”

Uwe Michael, Head of Electrical and Electronics Development at Porsche, is getting behind electric transport. Yet he declares deficits in charging infrastructure and calls on the government to intensify fast-charging initiatives.

anonym“In fact, two years from now at our second IAA appearance I expect us to be present with buses, coaches and commercial vehicles.”

Isbrand Ho, MD of BYD Europe, on the occasion of the Chinese company’s first appearance at the IAA. BYD is hungry for new markets, to say the least.

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