Yang Yusheng, Colleen Oberc.

anonym“Carmakers start to produce vehicles that will bring most subsidies. Obsessed with the subsidies, they have no intention to think about what the market really needs.”

Yang Yusheng, a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences who specialises in batteries, is critical of EV subsidies in China as they would foster short-term thinking, dependency, and the pursuit of money rather than innovation.

anonym“We’re already using Chevy Volt batteries at one of our facilities. It keeps the batteries out of the landfill and serves as a great way to store energy. We think our experience in batteries will help create more options for storage.”

Colleen Oberc of GM describes a battery’s second life. Energy storage units from EV batteries are part of GM’s plan to migrate to 100 percent renewables by 2050.


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