Michael Steiner, Michael Leiters, Brian Williams.

Michael-Steiner“With the Mission E underway, we are thinking what is the second or third step. There is no reason why this has to be just one body style.”

While Porsche development boss Michael Steiner did not confirm that a second electric Porsche would take the shape of a SUV, he did say that could easily be done, as the technology was made to adapt.

Michael-Leiters“We would not follow to develop a fully electric car.”

Ferrari’s chief technology officer Michael Leiters shatters all hopes that we will one day see an all-electric Ferrari. The sound is just “too important.”

Brian-Williams“A big thing about fuel cells is they actually offer a lot of advantages to fit in to different types of vehicles.”

Brian Williams from Toyota Motor Corporation says a key advantage to fuel cell over battery-power is that the system can easily be scaled up for any vehicle or range. That is why it is more fitting for i.e. busses and even semi-trucks.


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