Mark Dummett, Amelia Fine-Morrison, Ferdinand Dudenhoeffer.

Mark-Dummett“Amnesty International’s research shows that there is a significant risk of cobalt mined by children ending up in the batteries of electric cars.”

Mark Dummett of Amnesty International appeals to all carmakers to exclude cobalt from Congo as it is likely mined by child labour. Electric cars in particular present and “ethical choice for environmentally and socially conscious drivers” making diligence in production even more important.

Amelia-Fine-Morrison“The hand-built R8 e-tron was intended to be a bespoke and limited production model at a price of approximately 1 million euros.”

Audi spokeswoman Amelia Fine-Morrison confirms the end of the R8 e-tron as the German carmaker shifts its focus “on the development and market introduction of an electrically powered high-volume production SUV.”

Ferdinand-Dudenhoeffer“It’s no surprise that the minister denied the 2030 ban, but the process is running. We see it in the Netherlands and Norway. China is leading that process, too. We are going into a world, where car makers will have to invest heavily in electric cars. If not they will have a problem in 2030.”

Prof. Ferdinand Dudenhoeffer, director of the Center for Automotive Research (CAR), comments on a proposed ban of all combustion engine cars in Germany by 2030. The German government was not on board, yet the beginning of the end of the ICE is here.


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