Schaeffler, ZU Ilmenau, NASA, PowerCell Sweden.

Two-speed electric drive: Schaeffler’s STEP² is an electric concept with a two-speed powershift transmission currently on display at the eCarTec show in Munich. It improves both dynamics and range, which is said to decrease energy consumption by six percent.

Batteries of the future: Sodium-Ion-Pouch cells as a concept may be proved by TU Ilmenau with funding from the European Union over 3 years. The researchers utilise 3D nanostructure and expect much higher energy density but at lower cost than for Li-ion batteries. (in German)

The NASA Electric Aircraft Testbed (NEAT) is the research facility, where the space agency is testing electric aeroplanes. An electrical power system that could realistically power a one to two person aircraft has been trialled successfully last month and used 600 V. NASA aims for 20 MW in the future.,

Compact fuel cell patented: PowerCell Sweden obtained the European patent for its PowerCell S2 fuel cell stack. It uses a flow field plate that maximises the active area while temperature stabilisation is integrated in each cell. The innovation will enable more compact stacks.



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