BMW and Bosch, Tesla, Liverpool, Costa Rica

2nd life goes live: BMW and Bosch officially inaugurated their energy storage solution in Hamburg. It consists of used electric car batteries. To reach 2.8 MWh/ 2 MW, Bosch and BMW utilised 2,600 battery modules from over 100 cars. The project serves to show long-term prospects of such installations and also provides a buffer for Hamburg’s harbour with Vattenfall on board.

How Tesla may swap its batteries has been revealed by patent application drawings. They show a system that lifts a Tesla to get to its underbelly. The swap has not been widespread so far but might find new life in fleet applications for which Tesla only recently poached an expert from Audi.

Electric buses in Liverpool: Twelve electric buses are to go into service in Liverpool. They are the same as used in London, the BYD ADL Enviro200 single deckers. Arriva North West funds 2.3m GBP of the investment with over 1.6m GBP secured from the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV).

Costa Rica to tackle transport: The country’s government is looking into an electric car bill that is to to lift taxes on electric car imports for five years and up to 100,000 units. As it excludes hybrids, Toyota has already asked for its models to be included. A final decision may has to go a long way.



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