Nov 1, 2016 - 08:38 am

Koji Toyoshima, Henrik Fisker, Kazuhiro Tsuga.

Kouji-Toyoshima“Developing lithium-ion batteries for both hybrids and plug-ins will enable us to also produce all-electric cars in the future. It makes sense to have a range of batteries to suit different powertrains.”

Koji Toyoshima, chief engineer for the Prius, explains why Toyota switched to Li-ion batteries – with one reason being the possibility of an all-electric Toyota.

henrik-fisker“It will have, for sure, the world’s longest range. We have a good chance of passing 400 miles [on a single charge]. Plus we can charge it much faster and it has a longer life.”

Henrik Fisker is back and has big plans as he presented Fisker Inc. that projects superiority on all levels.

Kazuhiro-Tsuga“We are seeing strong demand for EV batteries not just from Tesla but various other automakers. We see the rechargeable battery business as the biggest growth driver. So we are aggressively making upfront and strategic investment here.”

Panasonic’s strategy is set, says CEO Kazuhiro Tsuga, with the Gigafactory being just one such investment in the future electric car era.


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