Nov 4, 2016 - 08:34 am

Mattias Bergman, Faith Birol.

Mattias-Bergman“We will tailor the car for each transport need. Sometimes you need a small car to transport yourself in downtown, sometimes you need a large SUV to go in the countryside. You just pay for what you use. So you can modify the package based on your transport need and financial capability.”

A mobility package rather than just an electric car is what NEVS president Mattias Bergman has in mind as he talks about the business model behind the EV Saab’s successor plans to produce from 2018.

Fatih-Birol_100x100px“I don’t buy the argument that electric cars alone will cause a peak in oil demand at least in short and medium term.”

International Energy Agency (IEA) Executive Director Fatih Birol doubts the electric car revolution to lead to any decrease in demand for fossil fuels. His argument being that oil demand is driven mainly by aviation, trucks and petrochemicals.


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