Charge, SHW Automotive, Tier 1 Engineering, PowerCell Sweden.

Charge-eVanSelf-drive delivery van: RoboRace presented the Charge at the ‘Wired Conference’ in London. The electric van shall be produced in Oxfordshire and the firm claims it can be assembled by one person in four hours. It will be self-drive ready and up to 10,000 units could roll off the production lines in 2017.,

New Tesla supplier? German SHW Automotive received a 100 million dollar order from “the world’s leading manufacturer of all-electric vehicles” as a system supplier of electrical ax gear pumps. They did not reveal, who placed the order but it is likely to be Tesla as the firm also speaks of “mostly four-wheel drive electric vehicles.”

Electric heli takes off: Tier 1 Engineering delivered the world’s first manned electric helicopter flight in southern California. The small machine was airborne for about five minutes and reached an altitude of 120 metres at a peak speed of 80 knots. (with video)

Fuel cell stack for ships: PowerCell Sweden took the first marine order for two PowerCell S3 prototype stacks. They will be installed by Swiss Hydrogen in a solar boat. The system includes on-board production of H2 from solar, hydrogen storage and two fuel cells with 30 kW each.


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